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A Doggy Resort With Overnight Boarding

Dogs often need to be somewhere safe while pet parents are away. It's essential that dogs receive regular social stimulation and interaction with people and other dogs. Rumblin Paws offers that, in a beautiful setting with breathtaking views of the mountains as a backdrop to our dog play area. In an era where there are so few off-leash dog parks, Rumblin Paws is a place where dogs can live free all day.


You can be sure your dog will receive the best of care while you are away. Dogs get nap time, play time with other dogs, and outdoor running opportunities. For them, it's heaven. They are supervised at all times, and we accommodate each dog's unique feeding schedule.

Sometimes dogs get into tussles with one other. We have never had a significant event, but we're standing by for situations and keep all dogs safe. Whether a little scratch needs an application of a topical antibiotic ointment or a trip to the vet two-blocks away, is required, we take excellent care of all dogs.

Small Dog Standing On Back Legs


Boarding is when you leave your dog with us overnight. We're different from many dog boarding facilities because we're present at night. The dogs are put in open kennels (fences, but no top) at night but traditional, air-conditioned kennels are also available. Sending your dog to Rumblin Paws for a sleepover is like sending him or her to a doggy resort. They're outside playing all day, and then at night, they're in a secure location. Contact us to learn more about rates and special options.